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Defend The Den 0‑0‑0- 0 0 0.0
Pavka Pain Time 0‑0‑0- 0 0 0.0
Albuna Buzzards 0‑0‑0- 0 0 0.0
Dragons 0‑0‑0- 0 0 0.0
Hollywood Hotdogs 0‑0‑0- 0 0 0.0
XXX-Men 0‑0‑0- 0 0 0.0
Ball Hawks 0‑0‑0- 0 0 0.0
Ticklish Teletubbies 0‑0‑0- 0 0 0.0
Blades 0‑0‑0- 0 0 0.0
Main Dolphins 0‑0‑0- 0 0 0.0
Vikings 0‑0‑0- 0 0 0.0
Redskins 0‑0‑0- 0 0 0.0
Raging Bulls 0‑0‑0- 0 0 0.0
BooseterJuice 0‑0‑0- 0 0 0.0
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2018 Great Lakes Fantasy Football League Auction Draft
Team Player NFL Pos $
Defend The DenJones, JulioATLWR34
Defend The DenPrater, MattDETPK3
Defend The DenStafford, MatthewDETQB12
Defend The DenCook, DalvinMINRB41
Defend The DenBurton, TreyCHITE8
Defend The DenBaldwin, DougSEAWR8
Defend The DenSanders, EmmanuelDENWR6
Defend The DenBurkhead, RexNEPRB5
Defend The DenJohnson, DukeCLERB3
Ticklish TeletubbiesMcCaffrey, ChristianCARRB32
Ticklish TeletubbiesElliott, JakePHIPK2
Ticklish TeletubbiesHill, TyreekKCCWR27
Ticklish TeletubbiesThomas, MichaelNOSWR27
Ticklish TeletubbiesDrake, KenyanMIARB19
Ticklish TeletubbiesErtz, ZachPHITE9
Ticklish TeletubbiesMariota, MarcusTENQB4
Ticklish TeletubbiesSanu, MohamedATLWR0
Ticklish TeletubbiesPowell, BilalNYJRB0
Ticklish TeletubbiesBernard, GiovaniCINRB0
Ticklish TeletubbiesAllison, GeronimoGBPWR0
Ticklish TeletubbiesDalton, AndyCINQB0
Ticklish TeletubbiesHines, NyheimINDRB0
Ticklish TeletubbiesKittle, GeorgeSFOTE0
Hollywood HotdogsBarkley, SaquonNYGRB41
Hollywood HotdogsSuccop, RyanTENPK1
Hollywood HotdogsHenry, DerrickTENRB12
Hollywood HotdogsAdams, DavanteGBPWR21
Hollywood HotdogsJohnson, KerryonDETRB6
Hollywood HotdogsGordon, JoshCLEWR9
Hollywood HotdogsLandry, JarvisCLEWR9
Hollywood HotdogsGaroppolo, JimmySFOQB3
Hollywood HotdogsEngram, EvanNYGTE6
Hollywood HotdogsGoff, JaredLARQB3
Hollywood HotdogsHyde, CarlosCLERB6
Hollywood HotdogsAgholor, NelsonPHIWR3
Hollywood HotdogsBreida, MattSFORB0
Hollywood HotdogsRoss, JohnCINWR0
VikingsMcCoy, LeSeanBUFRB30
VikingsRodgers, AaronGBPQB21
VikingsZuerlein, GregLARPK3
VikingsPeterson, AdrianWASRB7
VikingsKelce, TravisKCCTE20
VikingsAjayi, JayPHIRB20
VikingsJones, MarvinDETWR13
VikingsDickson, EdSEATE1
VikingsNelson, JordyOAKWR4
VikingsHurns, AllenDALWR1
VikingsWilliams, TerranceDALWR0
VikingsBortles, BlakeJACQB0
VikingsGallup, MichaelDALWR0
VikingsIvory, ChrisBUFRB0
DragonsHopkins, DeAndreHOUWR35
DragonsFreeman, RoyceDENRB23
DragonsCrosby, MasonGBPPK1
DragonsCollins, AlexBALRB21
DragonsRobinson, AllenCHIWR9
DragonsRoethlisberger, BenPITQB4
DragonsThomas, DemaryiusDENWR10
DragonsRudolph, KyleMINTE5
DragonsBarber, PeytonTBBRB5
DragonsDavis, CoreyTENWR5
DragonsJones, RonaldTBBRB1
DragonsMorris, AlfredSFORB1
DragonsJones, AaronGBPRB0
DragonsReed, JordanWASTE0
XXX-MenKamara, AlvinNOSRB43
XXX-MenTucker, JustinBALPK2
XXX-MenSmith-Schuster, JuJuPITWR15
XXX-MenGreen, A.J.CINWR22
XXX-MenDiggs, StefonMINWR21
XXX-MenTate, GoldenDETWR11
XXX-MenRivers, PhilipLACQB6
XXX-MenGarcon, PierreSFOWR0
XXX-MenAllen, JavoriusBALRB0
XXX-MenGore, FrankMIARB0
XXX-MenKeenum, CaseDENQB0
XXX-MenEbron, EricINDTE0
XXX-MenWilliams, TyrellLACWR0
XXX-MenAmendola, DannyMIAWR0
RedskinsButker, HarrisonKCCPK2
RedskinsMixon, JoeCINRB35
RedskinsEvans, MikeTBBWR19
RedskinsBrees, DrewNOSQB9
RedskinsMiller, LamarHOURB5
RedskinsWalker, DelanieTENTE7
RedskinsCooper, AmariOAKWR15
RedskinsWilliams, JamaalGBPRB13
RedskinsTrubisky, MitchellCHIQB1
RedskinsColeman, TevinATLRB5
RedskinsFunchess, DevinCARWR6
RedskinsJeffery, AlshonPHIWR3
RedskinsWilliams, MikeLACWR0
Main DolphinsJohnson, DavidARIRB55
Main DolphinsLutz, WilNOSPK2
Main DolphinsHunt, KareemKCCRB40
Main DolphinsOlsen, GregCARTE12
Main DolphinsLuck, AndrewINDQB5
Main DolphinsWoods, RobertLARWR2
Main DolphinsCrowder, JamisonWASWR2
Main DolphinsAnderson, RobbyNYJWR2
Main DolphinsWestbrook, DedeJACWR0
Main DolphinsTaylor, TyrodCLEQB0
Main DolphinsHoward, O.J.TBBTE0
Main DolphinsBlount, LeGarretteDETRB0
Main DolphinsGodwin, ChrisTBBWR0
Main DolphinsGano, GrahamCARPK0
Albuna BuzzardsGostkowski, StephenNEPPK2
Albuna BuzzardsFournette, LeonardJACRB43
Albuna BuzzardsThielen, AdamMINWR16
Albuna BuzzardsRyan, MattATLQB4
Albuna BuzzardsCrowell, IsaiahNYJRB4
Albuna BuzzardsGoodwin, MarquiseSFOWR11
Albuna BuzzardsCooks, BrandinLARWR9
Albuna BuzzardsCrabtree, MichaelBALWR6
Albuna BuzzardsHogan, ChrisNEPWR5
Albuna BuzzardsCarson, ChrisSEARB6
Albuna BuzzardsEdelman, JulianNEPWR1
Albuna BuzzardsStills, KennyMIAWR4
Albuna BuzzardsYeldon, T.J.JACRB1
Albuna BuzzardsSmith, AlexWASQB1
Raging BullsBell, Le'VeonPITRB55
Raging BullsBrady, TomNEPQB16
Raging BullsBeckham, OdellNYGWR35
Raging BullsVinatieri, AdamINDPK1
Raging BullsGraham, JimmyGBPTE6
Raging BullsShepard, SterlingNYGWR2
Raging BullsFuller, WillHOUWR3
Raging BullsWhite, JamesNEPRB1
Raging BullsConner, JamesPITRB1
Raging BullsGolladay, KennyDETWR0
Raging BullsPrescott, DakDALQB0
Raging BullsClay, CharlesBUFTE0
Raging BullsRiddick, TheoDETRB0
Raging BullsGinn Jr., TedNOSWR0
BooseterJuiceGronkowski, RobNEPTE25
BooseterJuiceBryant, MattATLPK2
BooseterJuiceHoward, JordanCHIRB37
BooseterJuiceFitzgerald, LarryARIWR18
BooseterJuiceLewis, DionTENRB7
BooseterJuiceNewton, CamCARQB9
BooseterJuiceLynch, MarshawnOAKRB8
BooseterJuiceWatkins, SammyKCCWR9
BooseterJuiceMichel, SonyNEPRB2
BooseterJuiceKupp, CooperLARWR2
BooseterJuiceMahomes, PatrickKCCQB1
BooseterJuiceMoore, D.J.CARWR0
BooseterJuiceAnderson, C.J.CARRB0
BooseterJuiceClement, CoreyPHIRB0
BladesGordon, MelvinLACRB41
BladesBoswell, ChrisPITPK2
BladesWilson, RussellSEAQB11
BladesFreeman, DevontaATLRB33
BladesAllen, KeenanLACWR25
BladesWentz, CarsonPHIQB2
BladesCobb, RandallGBPWR2
BladesMack, MarlonINDRB1
BladesBenjamin, KelvinBUFWR2
BladesNjoku, DavidCLETE1
BladesPenny, RashaadSEARB0
BladesSeals-Jones, RickyARITE0
BladesBrown, JohnBALWR0
BladesLockett, TylerSEAWR0
Ball HawksGurley, ToddLARRB59
Ball HawksCousins, KirkMINQB13
Ball HawksBrown, AntonioPITWR42
Ball HawksFairbairn, Ka'imiHOUPK1
Ball HawksCohen, TarikCHIRB3
Ball HawksParker, DeVanteMIAWR1
Ball HawksEifert, TylerCINTE1
Ball HawksJackson, DeSeanTBBWR0
Ball HawksManning, EliNYGQB0
Ball HawksMeredith, CameronNOSWR0
Ball HawksBrate, CameronTBBTE0
Ball HawksMarshall, BrandonSEAWR0
Ball HawksBryant, DezFA*WR0
Ball HawksRidley, CalvinATLWR0
Pavka Pain TimeElliott, EzekielDALRB63
Pavka Pain TimeDoyle, JackINDTE5
Pavka Pain TimeGould, RobbieSFOPK2
Pavka Pain TimeHilton, T.Y.INDWR22
Pavka Pain TimeWatson, DeshaunHOUQB8
Pavka Pain TimeIngram, MarkNOSRB11
Pavka Pain TimeCole, KeelanJACWR9
Pavka Pain TimeDoctson, JoshWASWR0
Pavka Pain TimeMatthews, RishardTENWR0
Pavka Pain TimeThompson, ChrisWASRB0
Pavka Pain TimeBeasley, ColeDALWR0
Pavka Pain TimeCarr, DerekOAKQB0
Pavka Pain TimeHurst, HaydenBALTE0
Pavka Pain TimeKirk, ChristianARIWR0
Featured Articles
FOR WHOM THE BELL TOILS: Forecasting Le’Veon Bell’s Fantasy Value in 2019
Gary Davenport (FantasySharks) published Feb 19, 2019

Darnold, Sam NYJ QB
Sam Darnold

Back in 2017, Kansas City’s Kareem Hunt and Pittsburgh’s Le’Veon Bell were two of the most productive running backs in fantasy football. Hunt led the NFL with 1,327 rushing yards and finished the season third in points per reception (PPR) league fantasy points at the position. Bell rushed for 1.291 yards, caught 85 passes and finished the year one slot higher.

The 2018 campaign was a much different story. Hunt was rolling right along until he was stunningly released in November after a video surfaced that showed him assaulting a woman. Bell never got out of the gate. His contract impasse with Pittsburgh reached critical mass and then some — rather than play under the franchise tag for a second consecutive season, Bell (More...)

Prize Money
Regular Season
1st Overall Ticklish Teletubbies$250
2nd Overall Main Dolphins $150
3rd Overall Albuna Buzzards $100
4th Overall XXX-Men $ 60
5th Overall Raging Bulls $ 50
6th Overall Redskins $ 40
7th Overall Ball Hawks $ 30
Top Scorer Hollywood Hotdogs $100
Post Season
Superbowl Champion Main Dolphins$320
Finalist Redskins $150
Free-for-all Hollywood Hotdogs $ 50
Survivor Hollywood Hotdogs $100
Transaction Report
Albuna Buzzards 28056.00
Ball Hawks 17034.00
Blades 5010.00
Booster Juice 8116.00
Defend the Den 7014.00
Dragons 40 8.00
Hollywood Hotdogs 12124.00
Main Dolphins 18036.00
Pavka Pain Time 28156.00
Raging Bulls 10020.00
Redskins 18036.00
Ticklish Teletubbies 27154.00
Vikings 23046.00
XXX-Men 13026.00
  • Each waiver move is $2.00
  • Each trade is free
  • Website fees are $70.00
  • $366.00 ($436-$70) will be dispersed proportionately to all the prize winners
Payout Report
Main Dolphins 100.0036.00470.00123.00557.00
Hollywood Hotdogs 100.0024.00250.00 65.00291.00
Ticklish Teletubbies 100.0054.00250.00 65.00261.00
Redskins 100.0036.00190.00 50.00204.00
Albuna Buzzards 100.0056.00100.00 26.00 70.00
XXX-Men 100.0026.00 60.00 16.00 50.00
Raging Bulls 100.0020.00 50.00 13.00 43.00
Ball Hawks 100.0034.00 30.00 8.00 4.00
Dragons 100.00 8.00 0.00 0.00 (8.00)
Blades 100.0010.00 0.00 0.00(10.00)
Defend the Den 100.0014.00 0.00 0.00(14.00)
Booseter Juice 100.0016.00 0.00 0.00(16.00)
Vikings 100.0046.00 0.00 0.00(46.00)
Pavka Pain Time 100.0056.00 0.00 0.00(56.00)
*Bonus is payed as a Percentage of winnings rounded to the nearest dollar;
Total bonus money available is $366 (waiver money $436 less website fees $70)
**Money won/owed is calculated through this formula:
Prize Winnings + Bonus - Transaction Fees