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Week 1 Injuries - Last Updated Mon Jul 22 11:01:06 p.m. ET 2019

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Arizona Cardinals
Player Injury Status Details
Clay, Charles ARI TEOutKnee
Foster, D.J. ARI RBQuestionableKnee - ACL
Nkemdiche, Robert ARI DEOutKnee - ACL
Peterson, Patrick ARI CBSuspendedSuspension
Reed, Brooks ARI LBOutHip
Williams, Brandon ARI CBOutBack
Atlanta Falcons
Player Injury Status Details
Allen, Ricardo ATL SQuestionableAchilles
Bennett, Michael ATL DTDoubtfulAnkle
Hill, Brian ATL RBQuestionableUndisclosed
Jones, Deion ATL LBQuestionableFoot
Jones, Julio ATL WRQuestionableFoot
Means, Steven ATL DEIRAchilles
Neal, Keanu ATL SQuestionableKnee - ACL
Wilcox, J.J. ATL SOutKnee - ACL
Baltimore Ravens
Player Injury Status Details
Boykin, Miles BAL WRQuestionableHamstring
Brown, Marquise BAL WRIr-nfiFoot
Hill, Jaylen BAL CBQuestionableKnee
Jefferson, Tony BAL SQuestionableAnkle
Jones, Cyrus BAL CBQuestionableIllness
Buffalo Bills
Player Injury Status Details
Beasley, Cole BUF WRQuestionableAbdomen
Croom, Jason BUF TEQuestionableHamstring
Foster, Robert BUF WRQuestionableFoot
Gaines, E.J. BUF CBQuestionableUndisclosed
Gore, Frank BUF RBIr-nfiFoot
Jones, Zay BUF WRQuestionableUndisclosed
Kroft, Tyler BUF TEOutFoot
Murphy, Marcus BUF RBQuestionableElbow
Sills, David BUF WRQuestionableHamstring
Carolina Panthers
Player Injury Status Details
Carter, Jermaine CAR LBQuestionableHamstring
Frazier, Mose CAR WRQuestionableArm
Hood, Elijah CAR RBQuestionableKnee - ACL
Newton, Cam CAR QBQuestionableShoulder
Robinson, Aldrick CAR WRQuestionableHamstring
Smith, Torrey CAR WRQuestionableKnee
Thomas, Ian CAR TEQuestionableLeg
Chicago Bears
Player Injury Status Details
Burton, Trey CHI TEQuestionableSports Hernia
Clinton-Dix, Ha Ha CHI SOutKnee
Hall, Emanuel CHI WRQuestionableSports Hernia
Miller, Anthony CHI WRQuestionableShoulder
Cincinnati Bengals
Player Injury Status Details
Anderson, Rodney CIN RBQuestionableKnee - ACL
Atkins, Geno CIN DTQuestionableUndisclosed
Dennard, Darqueze CIN CBQuestionableKnee
Eifert, Tyler CIN TEQuestionableAnkle
Glasgow, Ryan CIN DTQuestionableKnee - ACL
Green, A.J. CIN WRQuestionableToe
Kirkpatrick, Dre CIN CBQuestionableShoulder
Lawson, Carl CIN DEQuestionableKnee - ACL
Wilson, Brandon CIN SQuestionableChest
Cleveland Browns
Player Injury Status Details
Hunt, Kareem CLE RBSuspendedSuspension
Lewis, Donnie CLE CBQuestionableFoot
Willies, Derrick CLE WRQuestionableCollarbone
Dallas Cowboys
Player Injury Status Details
Austin, Tavon DAL WRQuestionableUndisclosed
Awuzie, Chidobe DAL CBQuestionableHamstring
Brown, Noah DAL WRQuestionableKnee
Charlton, Taco DAL DEQuestionableAnkle
Covington, Christian DAL DTQuestionableCalf
Frazier, Kavon DAL SQuestionableKnee
Gathers, Rico DAL TESuspendedSuspension
Gregory, Randy DAL DESuspendedSuspension
Hurns, Allen DAL WRQuestionableAnkle
Jones, Byron DAL CBQuestionableHip
Lawrence, Demarcus DAL DEQuestionableShoulder - Labrum
Vander Esch, Leighton DAL LBQuestionablePelvis
Woods, Antwaun DAL DTQuestionableShoulder - Labrum
Denver Broncos
Player Injury Status Details
Butt, Jake DEN TEQuestionableKnee
Cracraft, River DEN WRQuestionableOblique
Davis, Todd DEN LBQuestionableCalf
Hollins, Justin DEN LBQuestionableHamstring
Sanders, Emmanuel DEN WRQuestionableAchilles
Winfree, Juwann DEN WRQuestionableCalf
Detroit Lions
Player Injury Status Details
Bawden, Nick DET RBQuestionableKnee - ACL
Flowers, Trey DET DEOutShoulder
Golladay, Kenny DET WRQuestionableChest
Harrison, Damon DET DTQuestionableContract Dispute
Jones, Christian DET LBQuestionableUndisclosed
Jones, Marvin DET WRQuestionableKnee
Nauta, Isaac DET TEQuestionableUndisclosed
Slay, Darius DET CBQuestionableContract Dispute
Player Injury Status Details
Ajayi, Jay FA RBQuestionableKnee - ACL
Berry, Eric FA SQuestionableHeel
Branch, Tyvon FA SQuestionableKnee - ACL
Bryant, Dez FA WRQuestionableAchilles
Bryant, Martavis FA WRSuspendedSuspension
Campanaro, Michael FA WRQuestionableUndisclosed
Campbell, Ibraheim FA SQuestionableKnee - ACL
Carroo, Leonte FA WRSuspendedSuspension
Chancellor, Kam FA SOutNeck
Coleman, Brandon FA WRQuestionableUndisclosed
Collins, Alex FA RBOutLeg
Coyle, Brock FA LBQuestionableBack
Dawson, Phil FA PKQuestionableHip
Ellington, Bruce FA WRQuestionableUndisclosed
Fleener, Coby FA TEQuestionableConcussion
Grant, Corey FA RBQuestionableFoot
Gray, MarQueis FA TEQuestionableAchilles
Griffin, Ryan FA TEQuestionableGroin
Hayes, William FA DEQuestionableKnee - ACL
Hill, Jeremy FA RBQuestionableKnee - ACL
Holmes, Andre FA WRQuestionableAnkle
Hunter, Justin FA WRQuestionableShoulder - Labrum
Irving, David FA DTSuspendedSuspension
Johnson, Josh FA QBQuestionableAnkle
Jordan, Dion FA DESuspendedSuspension
King, Marquette FA PNQuestionableGroin
LaFell, Brandon FA WRQuestionableAchilles
Langford, Jeremy FA RBQuestionableUndisclosed
Lengel, Matt FA TEQuestionableKnee - ACL
Liuget, Corey FA DTQuestionableQuadriceps
Martin, Josh FA LBQuestionableConcussion
Maxwell, Byron FA CBQuestionableHip
McCarron, Riley FA WRQuestionableUndisclosed
Paul, Niles FA TEQuestionableKnee - MCL
Payne, Donald FA LBQuestionableUndisclosed
Roberts, Austin FA TEQuestionableKnee - ACL
Roberts, Michael FA TEQuestionableShoulder
Robinson, Rashard FA CBSuspendedSuspension
Snelson, Dredrick FA WRQuestionableUndisclosed
Streater, Rod FA WRQuestionableNeck
Vereen, Shane FA RBQuestionableUndisclosed
Wallace, Mike FA WRQuestionableAnkle
Wilkerson, Muhammad FA DEQuestionableAnkle
Williams, Joe FA RBQuestionableRibs
Williams, Terrance FA WRQuestionableFoot
Wilson, Shaun FA RBQuestionableUndisclosed
Green Bay Packers
Player Injury Status Details
Carson, Tra GBP RBQuestionableRibs
Daniels, Mike GBP DEQuestionableFoot
Davis, Jawill GBP WRQuestionableKneecap
Jones, Josh GBP SQuestionableHamstring
King, Kevin GBP CBQuestionableHamstring
Savage, Darnell GBP SIr-nfiUndisclosed
Summers, Ty GBP LBQuestionableHamstring
Houston Texans
Player Injury Status Details
Carter, DeAndre HOU WROutUndisclosed
Clowney, Jadeveon HOU LBQuestionableContract Dispute
Ejiofor, Duke HOU LBIRAchilles
Fuller, Will HOU WRQuestionableKnee - ACL
Hopkins, DeAndre HOU WROutAnkle
Warring, Kahale HOU TEIr-nfiUndisclosed
Watt, J.J. HOU DEOutKnee
Indianapolis Colts
Player Injury Status Details
Cain, Deon IND WRQuestionableKnee - ACL
Doyle, Jack IND TEQuestionableHip
Ebron, Eric IND TEQuestionableGroin
Fountain, Daurice IND WRIr-nfiUndisclosed
Geathers, Clayton IND SQuestionableKnee
Hilton, T.Y. IND WRQuestionableAnkle
Kelly, Chad IND QBSuspendedSuspension
Leonard, Darius IND LBQuestionableAnkle
Travis, Ross IND TEQuestionableKnee - ACL
Wilson, Quincy IND CBQuestionableThumb
Jacksonville Jaguars
Player Injury Status Details
Allen, Josh JAC DEQuestionableKnee
Armstead, Ryquell JAC RBQuestionableHamstring
Bouye, A.J. JAC CBQuestionableToe
Jones, Datone JAC DEQuestionableHamstring
Lee, Marqise JAC WRQuestionableKnee - ACL
Ryan, Jake JAC LBQuestionableKnee
Smith, Telvin JAC LBOutPersonal
Kansas City Chiefs
Player Injury Status Details
Kelce, Travis KCC TEQuestionableAnkle
Smith, Terrance KCC LBQuestionableKnee - ACL
Thornhill, Juan KCC SQuestionableCalf
Watts, Armani KCC SQuestionableAbdomen
Yelder, Deon KCC TEQuestionableHamstring
Los Angeles Chargers
Player Injury Status Details
Adderley, Nasir LAC SQuestionableUndisclosed
Perryman, Denzel LAC LBQuestionableKnee
Phillips, Adrian LAC SQuestionableArm
Tillery, Jerry LAC DTQuestionableShoulder - Labrum
Watkins, Jaylen LAC SQuestionableKnee - ACL
Watt, Derek LAC RBQuestionableShoulder
White, Kyzir LAC LBQuestionableKnee
Los Angeles Rams
Player Injury Status Details
Ebukam, Samson LAR LBQuestionableKnee
Fox, Morgan LAR DEQuestionableKnee - ACL
Gurley, Todd LAR RBQuestionableKnee
Kupp, Cooper LAR WRQuestionableKnee - ACL
Miami Dolphins
Player Injury Status Details
Allen, Chase MIA LBQuestionableUndisclosed
Allen, Dwayne MIA TEOutUndisclosed
Butler, Brice MIA WRQuestionableLeg
Grant, Jakeem MIA WRQuestionableAchilles
Harris, Charles MIA DEQuestionableWrist
Hull, Mike MIA LBOutUndisclosed
Louis, Ricardo MIA WRIRKnee
Norton, Kendrick MIA DTIr-nfiArm
Stills, Kenny MIA WRQuestionableUndisclosed
Tankersley, Cordrea MIA CBOutKnee - ACL
Wilson, Albert MIA WRQuestionableHip - Labrum
Minnesota Vikings
Player Injury Status Details
Aruna, Ade MIN DEQuestionableKnee
Badet, Jeff MIN WRQuestionableGroin
Bower, Tashawn MIN DEQuestionableFoot
Ham, C.J. MIN RBQuestionableElbow
Hill, Holton MIN CBSuspendedSuspension
Hughes, Mike MIN CBQuestionableKnee - ACL
Joseph, Linval MIN DTQuestionableUndisclosed
Morgan, David MIN TEQuestionableKnee
Thomas, Roc MIN RBSuspendedSuspension
Zylstra, Brandon MIN WRQuestionableUndisclosed
New England Patriots
Player Injury Status Details
Calhoun, Shilique NEP DEQuestionableNeck
Chung, Patrick NEP SQuestionableForearm
Ebner, Nate NEP SOutUndisclosed
Edelman, Julian NEP WRQuestionableThumb
Gordon, Josh NEP WRSuspendedSuspension
Michel, Sony NEP RBOutKnee
Thomas, Demaryius NEP WROutAchilles
Watson, Ben NEP TESuspendedSuspension
Webster, Ken NEP CBOutUndisclosed
Wise, Deatrich NEP DEOutAnkle
New Orleans Saints
Player Injury Status Details
Banjo, Chris NOS SQuestionableKnee
Davenport, Marcus NOS DEQuestionableFoot
Kirkwood, Keith NOS WRQuestionableUndisclosed
Meredith, Cameron NOS WRQuestionableKnee
Onyemata, David NOS DTSuspendedSuspension
Rankins, Sheldon NOS DTQuestionableAchilles
New York Giants
Player Injury Status Details
Engram, Evan NYG TEQuestionableHamstring
Lauletta, Kyle NYG QBQuestionableKnee
Moore, Kamrin NYG SSuspendedSuspension
New York Jets
Player Injury Status Details
Anderson, Robby NYJ WRQuestionableUndisclosed
Austin, Blessuan NYJ CBIr-nfiKnee
Herndon, Chris NYJ TESuspendedSuspension
Jenkins, Jordan NYJ LBQuestionableShoulder
Maye, Marcus NYJ SOutShoulder
Moore, Jalin NYJ RBIr-nfiAnkle
Polite, Jachai NYJ LBQuestionableHamstring
Oakland Raiders
Player Injury Status Details
Crowell, Isaiah OAK RBIRAchilles
Hurst, Maurice OAK DTQuestionableAnkle
Worley, Daryl OAK CBQuestionableShoulder - Labrum
Philadelphia Eagles
Player Injury Status Details
Adams, Josh PHI RBQuestionableShoulder
Agholor, Nelson PHI WRQuestionableLeg
Barnett, Derek PHI DEQuestionableShoulder
Clement, Corey PHI RBQuestionableKnee
Cox, Fletcher PHI DTQuestionableFoot
Darby, Ronald PHI CBQuestionableKnee - ACL
Gibson, Shelton PHI WRQuestionableUndisclosed
Hollins, Mack PHI WRQuestionableGroin
Jeffery, Alshon PHI WRQuestionableRibs
McLeod, Rodney PHI SQuestionableKnee - ACL + MCL
Mills, Jalen PHI CBQuestionableFoot
Sanders, Miles PHI RBQuestionableHamstring
Sweat, Josh PHI DEQuestionableAnkle
Worrilow, Paul PHI LBQuestionableKnee - ACL
Pittsburgh Steelers
Player Injury Status Details
Shazier, Ryan PIT LBOutSpine
Seattle Seahawks
Player Injury Status Details
Ansah, Ezekiel SEA DEQuestionableShoulder - Labrum
Blair, Marquise SEA SOutHamstring
Burr-Kirven, Ben SEA LBOutSports Hernia
Carson, Chris SEA RBQuestionableKnee
Christmas, Demarcus SEA DTOutUndisclosed
Dissly, Will SEA TEQuestionableKneecap
Hill, Delano SEA SQuestionableHip
Kendricks, Mychal SEA LBQuestionableLower Leg
McDougald, Bradley SEA SQuestionableKnee
Prosise, C.J. SEA RBQuestionableHamstring
Reed, Jarran SEA DTSuspendedSuspension
San Francisco 49ers
Player Injury Status Details
Alexander, Kwon SFO LBQuestionableKnee - ACL
Bosa, Nick SFO DEQuestionableHamstring
Breida, Matt SFO RBQuestionablePectoral
Celek, Garrett SFO TEQuestionableBack
Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QBQuestionableKnee - ACL
Hurd, Jalen SFO WRQuestionableKnee
Kittle, George SFO TEQuestionableHip
Mayo, David SFO LBQuestionableSports Hernia
McKinnon, Jerick SFO RBQuestionableKnee - ACL
Mostert, Raheem SFO RBQuestionableForearm
Reed, D.J. SFO SQuestionableShoulder - Labrum
Samuel, Deebo SFO WRQuestionableGroin
Smith, Malcolm SFO LBQuestionableAchilles
Verrett, Jason SFO CBQuestionableAchilles
Ward, Jimmie SFO CBQuestionableCollarbone
Warner, Fred SFO LBQuestionableKnee
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Player Injury Status Details
Beckwith, Kendell TBB LBIr-nfiAnkle
Cichy, Jack TBB LBOutKnee - ACL
Evans, Justin TBB SOutHeel
Evans, Mike TBB WRQuestionableHamstring
Nassib, Carl TBB DEQuestionableShoulder
Pierre-Paul, Jason TBB DEDoubtfulNeck
Smith, Ryan TBB CBSuspendedSuspension
Wilson, Bobo TBB WRQuestionableUndisclosed
Tennessee Titans
Player Injury Status Details
Casey, Jurrell TEN DEOutUndisclosed
Firkser, Anthony TEN TEQuestionableUndisclosed
Jackson, Adoree TEN CBQuestionableFoot
Ryan, Logan TEN CBQuestionableLower Leg
Simmons, Jeffery TEN DTIr-nfiKnee - ACL
Smith, Jonnu TEN TEOutKnee - MCL
Succop, Ryan TEN PKOutUndisclosed
Walker, D'Andre TEN LBQuestionableGroin
Walker, Delanie TEN TEQuestionableAnkle
Washington Redskins
Player Injury Status Details
Alexander, Adonis WAS CBQuestionableGroin
Davis, Robert WAS WRQuestionableKnee
Foster, Reuben WAS LBIRKnee - ACL
Guice, Derrius WAS RBQuestionableKnee - ACL
Johnson, Danny WAS CBQuestionableFinger
Love, Bryce WAS RBQuestionableKnee - ACL
McCoy, Colt WAS QBQuestionableLower Leg
Reed, Jordan WAS TEQuestionableFoot
Richardson, Paul WAS WRQuestionableShoulder
Smith, Alex WAS QBOutLower Leg