2019 Empire Pot
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2019 Empire League Official Rules

Payouts: 1st - $175, 2nd - $75, Empire - $300
Email Commish: safeleagues@gmail.com

Show me the scoring franchises between week and week
Franchise Records
2.Charlestown Chiefs20184217.84
3.Wicked Dixie20183215.38
4.4th and 2201810209.74
5.Charlestown Chiefs201812203.22
6.Wicked Dixie201810199.92
7.Alaska Goldpanners20185198.62
8.Alaska Goldpanners201814195.96
9.House Call20186193.96
10.Tom Wolthuis20183191.98
12.OLMC Cougars20188190.08
13.Sam Jeffcoat201810189.24
14.Alaska Goldpanners20186188.90
15.Tom Wolthuis20182187.66
16.Hey Darnold20182185.38
17.Alaska Goldpanners201812184.94
18.Alaska Goldpanners20181183.72
19.4th and 2201816183.30
20.OLMC Cougars20184182.46
21.House Call20184181.78
22.Wicked Dixie20184181.28
23.Wicked Dixie20181181.02
24.OLMC Cougars201812180.60
25.Hey Darnold20189180.50