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Who Should Hands of Stone Start In Week 1?
Should StartShould BenchPct Count
Wilson, Russell SEA QBGoff, Jared LAR QB95.3%43
Gordon, Melvin LAC RBBreida, Matt SFO RB98.5%135
McKinnon, Jerick SFO RBBreida, Matt SFO RB58.2%67
McKinnon, Jerick SFO RBWilliams, Jamaal GBP RB85.7%28
Penny, Rashaad SEA RBBreida, Matt SFO RB81.1%37
Penny, Rashaad SEA RBMcKinnon, Jerick SFO RB67.6%37
Williams, Jamaal GBP RBDixon, Kenneth BAL RB66.7%6
Agholor, Nelson PHI WRJones, Zay BUF WR58.6%29
Agholor, Nelson PHI WRHardman, Mecole KCC WR66.7%24
Agholor, Nelson PHI WRMoncrief, Donte PIT WR51.7%29
Davis, Corey TEN WRShepard, Sterling NYG WR75.0%48
Davis, Corey TEN WRFitzgerald, Larry ARI WR78.6%56
Davis, Corey TEN WRJones, Zay BUF WR98.2%109
Golladay, Kenny DET WRFitzgerald, Larry ARI WR89.4%66
Golladay, Kenny DET WRShepard, Sterling NYG WR92.2%64
Golladay, Kenny DET WRDavis, Corey TEN WR92.2%77
Jones, Zay BUF WRRidley, Riley CHI WR92.3%26
Jones, Zay BUF WRMoncrief, Donte PIT WR87.1%31
Jones, Zay BUF WRHardman, Mecole KCC WR75.9%29
Moncrief, Donte PIT WRHardman, Mecole KCC WR62.5%16
Shepard, Sterling NYG WRHardman, Mecole KCC WR97.0%67
Shepard, Sterling NYG WRJones, Zay BUF WR96.8%94
Shepard, Sterling NYG WRFitzgerald, Larry ARI WR55.8%43
Ebron, Eric IND TENjoku, David CLE TE86.9%61
Njoku, David CLE TEDoyle, Jack IND TE97.8%89